What are the best ways to wear animal print tastefully?

November 27, 2023

Animal print has carved its spot in the fashion industry as one of the most sought-after patterns amongst fashion enthusiasts. Despite its bold, vibrant look, it’s a versatile pattern that can be worn in various styles – if done correctly. Leopard print is arguably the most popular of the animal prints, although snake and zebra prints have also garnered attention.

1. Pairing Animal Print with Neutral Colors

Neutral colors – black, white, and shades of beige – are your safe bet when you’re styling an animal print. They tone down the loudness of the print, creating a perfect balance that exudes both style and sophistication.

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For a leopard print dress, you could consider pairing it with black shoes and a black handbag. The color black enhances the leopard print without overpowering it. A white top could also be paired with leopard print pants or skirt. The white color provides a clean, minimalist backdrop, allowing the animal print to shine.

Another safe, yet stylish choice is to pair leopard print with shades of beige. This combination brings forth a sense of sophistication and class. A beige trench coat over a leopard print dress, for instance, could be an ideal outfit for a formal event.

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2. Combining Animal Print with Solid Colors

Animal prints can, in fact, be paired with a wide spectrum of solid colors. However, it’s crucial to choose the right colors so as not to clash with the print.

A leopard print scarf can, for example, be paired beautifully with a solid red top. The warm tone of the red complements the brown and black hues in the leopard print, creating a harmonious blend. On the other hand, you might want to avoid pairing bright colors like neon green or yellow with animal prints, as they can create a jarring contrast.

When pairing animal print with solid colors, it’s also important to consider the amount of print you’re wearing. If you’re sporting an animal print dress, it’s best to keep your shoes and handbag in solid colors to maintain a balanced look.

3. Accessorizing with Animal Print

Accessories are an effortless way to incorporate animal print into your outfit. From scarves and belts to handbags and shoes, there’s an array of options to choose from.

Animal print accessories, especially those in leopard print, are excellent for adding a touch of glamor to your outfit. For instance, a pair of leopard print heels can instantly elevate a simple black dress. Similarly, a leopard print belt can add dimension and break the monotony of a solid color dress.

When accessorizing with animal print, it’s vital to keep it minimal. Too many animal print accessories can overwhelm the outfit and make it look tacky instead of stylish.

4. Animal Print Footwear: A Bold Fashion Statement

Footwear is another great way to incorporate animal print into your style. A pair of animal print shoes can add a pop of print to an otherwise mundane outfit.

Whether you prefer heels, flats, or sneakers, there’s an animal print shoe for everyone. Leopard print shoes, particularly, are quite popular and can be styled with a plethora of outfits. Pair them with jeans and a white tee for a casual look or with a little black dress for a night out.

Remember, animal print shoes are a statement in themselves. So, let them be the star of your outfit. Keep the rest of the look simple and understated.

5. Embrace Animal Print in Formal Wear

While animal prints are commonly seen in casual and streetwear styles, they can also be effectively incorporated into formal wear. Leopard print, in particular, oozes a sense of luxury and opulence, making it a perfect choice for formal events.

Consider a leopard print blouse with a black pencil skirt for a business meeting. Alternatively, a leopard print dress with gold accessories and black heels could be a stunning option for a cocktail party.

Remember, when it comes to formal wear, less is more. A single piece of animal print clothing should suffice in creating a lasting impression.

In conclusion, while animal prints are bold and attention-grabbing, they can be worn tastefully if styled correctly. Whether you’re new to the animal print trend or a fashion enthusiast looking to up your style game, these tips should help you sport the animal print trend tastefully.

6. Animal Prints in Home Decor

On top of being a bold fashion statement, animal prints, notably leopard and zebra prints, have found their way into the realm of home decor. If wielded correctly, these prints can add a touch of exotic glamour to your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom.

An animal print rug, for example, can instantly perk up your living room. When paired with neutral furniture, it serves as an eye-catching focal point. Leopard print, with its warm hues, can add richness and warmth to any room. On the other hand, zebra print, with its stark black-and-white contrast, can bring an element of drama to your space.

Cheetah print cushions or a throw blanket can provide a subtler hint of the animal kingdom in your decor. Paired with solid-colored furniture, these accessories can add a layer of texture and visual interest.

If you’re bold enough, you can even try animal print wallpaper. However, remember to incorporate it into your decor sparingly. Covering all the walls in animal print can be overpowering. But, used as an accent wall, it can add a striking statement to your room.

Incorporating animal prints into your home decor is a balancing act. They work best when used as a statement piece against a backdrop of solid, neutral colors.

7. Embracing Animal Print in Summer Wear

While fur and leather animal prints are perfect for the chilly season, lighter materials featuring these patterns can become your go-to summer wear. Animal print shorts and sundresses are an excellent way to incorporate these patterns into your summer wardrobe.

A leopard print sundress is a great outfit for a summer beach party or a casual brunch. You can pair leopard print shorts with a crisp white blouse for a chic, casual look. Don’t forget to accessorize with some gold jewelry to enhance the warm tones of the leopard print.

Incorporating zebra print into your summer wear can also give you a fresh and stylish look. A zebra print skirt paired with a simple black or white top can be a great choice for an outdoor gathering.

Just like any other style, remember to not overdo it. Keep your outfit balanced by pairing your animal print clothes with solid-colored pieces.


Animal prints, especially leopard print, have remained a timeless favorite in both the fashion and home decor industry. With their bold patterns and versatility, they provide endless opportunities to express one’s personal style. Whether you choose to wear leopard print shoes, style a leopard print outfit, or even add a dash of wildness to your living room with a zebra print rug, the key is to balance these vibrant prints with neutral or solid colors. When appropriately styled, animal prints can significantly elevate your look or your living space, making it more eye-catching and interesting. Remember, the ultimate goal is to wear or use these prints in a way that exudes confidence and sophistication, not overwhelm or clash. Be bold, be tasteful, and let the animal prints roar fashionably.